What Are Customer Lists

Customer lists are exactly what they say they are, they are predefined lists of customers.

A customer either belongs to a list or does not.

Whether or not a customer belongs to a list does not change unless they are manually added to the list.

You can manage a list of people by uploading some emails from CSV into the Intilery System on the customer lists page.

You can select to only upload new customers.

New customers, when uploaded as part of a list, will be marked as subscribed. If you do not want to have the list of people subscribed, upload them as customers first, then upload them into the list.

(If you want to upload only new customers, but not have them subscribed, talk to your account manager to see if we can help you to dedupe and get the customers uploaded, but this will require use of some dev days to complete.)

You can send an email to a list of people by creating a list of customers from the Customer section of the Intilery system

Just upload a list of emails, or if you want to include additional merge tags against each customer, upload a CSV with a header containing Email for the first column, and the name of the merge tag you want to use for each subsequent column.

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