Example Property - Total Bookings

The Increment Function can be used to perform a mathematical addition each time an event is received.

The 'Total Booking' example below uses an increment of numberLiteral.1 which means that each time the 'make booking' event is received the total count for that customer will increment by 1.

This function collates a running total of 'make booking' events for each customer within the data planning system to allow users of the platform to target customers based on the total number of 'make booking events' they have carried out.

Setting State/Value Description
Name Total Bookings The unique name for this property
Multi Valued Not ticked This example is single valued one
Time Sensitive Not ticked This property is not time sensitive
Property Type Fact Property The value of the property is taken from the event and not transformed
Events make booking The value of the property is set when the "make booking" event occurs for the customer
Event Type Not ticked This property is not restricted to certain event types
Event Property NumberLiteral.1 The value of the property is incremented by 1 (using the increment function)
Comparator Not ticked This property does not compare the value of the event before setting
Function Increment This function increments the current value of the property by the value passed in
Session Property Not ticked This is not a session property

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