Running A Site Campaign

A Site Campaign can be run in test mode and live mode.

Test mode is a useful way to preview how a component behaves and serves as a staging environment for a site campaign.

To view a site campaign in test mode, append ?i_testMode or &i_testMode as a query string to the end of the url.

Once you are in test mode, you will remain in test mode for up to 5 minutes of activity. This is done by setting a cookie called __itmode.

If you want to leave test mode, you have to delete this cookie and reload the page, but without the query string in the url.

In order to put the content into test mode or live, not only do you need to check the relevant checkbox (active or active in test mode) like the screenshot below:

You also need to be sure that the custom module has been deployed onto the relevant area (Deploy To Live or Deploy To Test) like the image below. Custom modules can be accessed by clicking the button 'Custom Modules' on the 'Site Campaigns' like the image above.

Once this is deployed it will be live on the relevant areas.

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