Creating A Site Campaign

In order to create a ‘Site Campaign’, select the Campaigns tab and then ‘Site Campaigns’ from the navigation bar.

Then from here you can select ‘add new campaign’, like in the image below:

Once you have pressed ‘add new campaign’, you will be presented with the page below:

When creating a campaign, you have to consider four things:  who, what, when and why.

  • Who you want to target
  • What you want to do
  • When you want to do it
  • Why - how will you measure your success 
Property Description

Site Campaigns have a target audience. This may be all visitors, or some sort of group.

You can target a segment of people, visitors with a specific property or people within a range (km) of a GEO IP location.

You can target people who have come through to your website from a particular email campaign.

You can also choose to exclude people from seeing your campaign. This can be done by either restricting people in certain segments or by restricting by device type, eg. mobile only.

These values can take a regular expression a simple use case would be to match multiple values such as: (VALUEONE|VALUETWO)


Site campaigns consist of one or more modules. You pick the modules that you want to deliver. Most modules use Page Zones so you will have to select the zones that you want to populate.

You can put a module in multiple zones (such as header and footer) if you want to.

If you haven't created any modules yet, select "edit custom modules" in the header, then, "new module".


You can choose whether you want your campaign to run all the time or at certain times of the day.

Campaigns can be set to start on a particular date and stop on a particular day.


If you are running a campaign as a split test, then you can pick events that you would like to measure.

For example, you could measure whether a campaign increases or decreases the number of transactions made.

Once you have completed the relevant area, press ’Save’ and this will save your new ‘Site Campaign’.

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