Intilery tag client side caching

To keep the Intilery tag as small a filesize as possible, Intilery deliver content to a website through the inclusion of a tag…

where xxx is your account number.

The file is cached in the browser with an ETag so subsequent downloads are only when file has changed, with a check at most once every 5 minutes to see if there has been a change. 

It is delivered from our CDN to ensure minimal latency.

The tag includes all the core Intilery code to capture events, and for efficient delivery includes the minimised code for your active site campaign modules.

To keep the size of the file as small as possible, when a module is no longer needed, deactivate the module and it will stop being included in the compiled tag.

To deactivate a module click Deactivate and then Save to update the changes to the server.

To deploy the changes click Deploy and then Deploy to Live or Deploy to Test.

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