Customer Email Settings

A customer has a property Subscribed that when true indicates that they have opted in to receive emails.

A customer who has opted out or unsubscribed will have a subscribed setting of false.

If an email is marked as Service or Transactional, then a customer will still have the email sent to them if they are unsubscribed. Service/Transactional emails are used to send emails to customers based on a transactional interaction the customer has completed.

Emails that are not marked as service/transactional are for bulk marketing (although each e-mail can be customised to be specific to that customer). Bulk emails are not sent out if the customer is unsubscribed.

A customer who has made a complaint/marked emails as spam, has a do not send flag set against them. These customers will not receive emails.

A customer who is deleted will not receive emails.

For information on the regulations affecting marketing emails and what you should or should not be sending to specific customers, read our guide to email regulations.

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