Email Categories

Email Categories allow you to group different emails into categories that a user can then indicate their preferences to which categories they are interested in receiving emails from.

To receive any emails in a category the customer must be subscribed and not have indicated that they do not want to receive an email from that category. (i.e. if they are subscribed, and have not indicated a preference for a category, they will get the email).

Managing A Customer's Category Subscriptions

Email categories can be subscribed to or unsubscribed from by sending specific events to the Intilery platform.

Subscribing to a category via events

Pass an event with eventaction Subscribe to Category with a property Email Category.ID of the email category ID.

Unsubscribe from a category via events

Pass an event with eventaction Unsubscribe from Category with a property Email Category.ID of the email category ID.

Creating A New Subscription Category

You must first add the new category to the customer model.

- Go to the Models tab
- Click the "Use the Models Wizard" button
- Click the "Customer" hyperlink in the Entities section
- Scroll past all the current properties and type the name of the new subscription category in the text box with the "Add new property" button next to it.
- Then click "Add new property"
- Click on the new properties type which should be "String" as default and change it to "Campaign Subscription Status"
- Now to save your new property click "Save and move to the next step"

You can now view your new Subscription Category in the below location:

- Go to the campaign tab- Click on the "Subscription categories" hyperlink located at the top of the screen
- Scroll until you see your new category
- Click edit
- From here you can choose if you would like customers to be subscribed to this category by default, you can also add a description for your category and finally you can add sending limits to your category.

Using Your New Category With A Campaign

Now you have created your new Subscription category you can use it with individual campaigns. See the below steps on how to do this.

- Go to the Campaigns tab
- Select Edit on the Options dropdown for your selected camapign
- Choose your new category from the "Subscription Category" dropdown

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