Uploading Images to the Asset Manager

When you are editing an email, drag and drop an image holder into the email. This will allow you to choose a file to upload to the holder, which will simultaneously upload it to the Asset Manager. 

Here you can choose the image, the image alt text, and title. Once you choose the file this will automatically upload it to the Asset Manager and will present the image URL.

Alternatively, you can upload images to the Asset Manager via the Campaign Page.

The Campaigns page can be selected from the side navigation.

The Asset Manager can be found in the horizontal navigation at the top of the page. Selecting this will take you to the page below:

From here you can select an image from your computer to upload to the Asset Manager. This can be done by selecting "add asset", which will bring up the screen below. Keep in mind there are limits as to the sizes of files that can be uploaded.  

From here you can select the file you want to upload, along with a specific name to refer back to the image link if needed. If you wish to edit the size of the image, select the "specify image size" button which will add the section below to the current page.

Once you have finished, click "Save Asset" to begin the upload.

Once the upload has been completed, you will be presented with the screen below, containing an image of the uploaded asset, the tagged name and also the link to refer to the image in emails and site campaigns. 

If you wish to use this image in your work you need to refer to the link via the image src.

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