Campaign Tracking (URL Tracking)

All campaign tracking settings for any email campaign are visible within the 'Edit Email' page under the 'Campaign Tracking' section as shown below:

All urls have the following tracking parameters applied if the link is to any subdomain of one of your private top level domains as configured against your account settings:

  • utm_source is set to intilery
  • utm_medium is set to email
  • utm_content is set to links title attribute if a value is not defined against the campaign.
  • utm_campaign is set to the name of the campaign, or if set, the value configured for UTM Campaign

Custom campaign tracking parameters can be added by clicking the 'more tracking params?' link and filling in the parameter values (Example above shows 'Email No : 10'). Click 'add' and then click the 'Update Email' button.

Note: If any of the above parameters are configured both in the 'Campaign Tracking' section as well as in your link in the email template, then the parameter will appear twice in the link the customer is directed to.

If there are any parameters already set with the same names, the following additional tracking parameters are applied:

  • itl_cid the Intilery campaign ID
  • itl_er the Intilery email reference
  • itl_lr the Intilery link reference

All links, other than those to the Intilery Unsubscribe Pages, go through the Intilery click tracking system to enable detailed click level reporting against your email campaigns.

If you have entered an invalid link in your email (e.g. htp:/notaninternetaddress), then the Intilery system will direct anyone who clicks on that link to the default website address defined in your settings.

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