Bounces and Complaints

When an email has been sent out we handle any responses that indicate that the email has bounced, or that a customer has marked the email as spam.

Anyone who marks the email as spam will no longer receive email, as per international email regulations. In this circumstance, a Customer will be marked as unsubscribed within the Intilery Platform.

A Hard Bounce occurs when a response is received to say that an email address doesn't exist - when we receive a Hard Bounce a Customer's email address is marked as DoNotSend and will be shown with a strike through their email.

A Soft Bounce occurs when an email is bounced back for some reason, for example, if a Customer's mailbox is full. At first, when we receive a Soft Bounce the Customer's status is not altered at all - we will attempt to send them an email again if requested. After a certain, configurable limit of consecutive soft bounces is reached, the Customer will be marked as DoNotSend. This is to preserve sender reputation by not sending to addresses that repeatedly bounce. The configuration of these limits is described below.

Email Bounce Configuration

Navigate to the Email Bounce Configuration page by clicking 'Email Bounces' in the navigation bar at the top of the settings page. Here you can configure the number of consecutive soft bounces that can be received from an address before that address is marked DoNotSend, as well as the time between each soft bounce for them to be considered consecutive.

A higher limit can be set for customers who have interacted with emails at some point in the past. By default, we set a suggested limit of 3 for both, but they can be set up to a maximum of 15 consecutive bounces.

In the example above a Customer that has not interacted with emails would be marked as DoNotSend after we receive 3 soft bounces from them, where each soft bounce occurs within 21 days of the previous one. A Customer that has interacted with emails would be marked DoNotSend after we receive 5 soft bounces from them, also where each soft bounce occurs within 21 days of the previous one. 

If more than 21 days pass between two soft bounces, the counter will be reset to one on receiving the latter soft bounce. 

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