Sending Limit

A sending limit can be applied to indicate that a customer should not receive more than X emails during a period of time.

There can be multiple levels of rules, so you can indicate that a customer should receive:

  • no more than 1 email in 1 day
  • no more than 3 emails in a week

The email editor allows you to override these settings by configuring the email to always send (although this still respects the customer's subscribed status).

These rules can be set at a global settings level, from an individual email level, or to applied to a category of emails.

Configure Global Sending Limit

In order to access these rules, you should go to the campaigns page and select the ’Sending Limit’ heading from the selected options.

This will bring you to a page called ‘Limit Number Of Emails a Customer Receives’. As you can see in the image below, once you check the checkbox, you have the ability to set how many non-transactional emails a customer receives in a given time period.

Once you are happy with these changes, click ‘Update Settings’ to apply this ’Sending Limit’.

Configure Email Specific Sending Limit

Locate the campaign you would like to apply a sending limit to.

Select the options dropdown and click edit.

Tick "Override default sending limit?" to configure a campaign specific sending limit.

Once you're happy with the configured limit you will need to click Update Email to save the changes.

Global vs Email Specific

Global - Will check No more than any X number email(s) sent in the last X day(s).

Email Specific - Will check No more than any X number email(s) sent in the last X day(s).

Transactional Campaigns

Service or Transactional emails do not respect global sending limits by default. Transactional emails can have limits set by overwriting the global limits at the campaign level.  

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