Who Gets Filtered Out

The following table details which customers get filtered out from email sends

Filter Type Description
Invalid Email Address Any email address that is not a valid email address is filtered out before trying to send.
Do Not Send Any email address that has Hard Bounced, or where the customer has complained is filtered out.
Deleted Any customer who has been marked as deleted is filtered out.
Whitelist If an email has a whitelist and the customer is not on the whitelist, then they are filtered out.
Visual Testing If the email is for a preview test, it is sent out without further filtering.
Service or Transactional If the email is service or transactional, and has no limits set against it, then it is sent out.
If there are limits then these are checked before allowing the email to be sent.
Unsubscribed Customers If the customer is not subscribed then they are filtered out.
Limits If the email is set to override default send limits, then the limits for the email are used:
    always send - will send
    specific limits will be checked for that customer - if the email is part of a campaign category, and the category has limits set, those limits are checked for that customer.If there are global  limits set, these are checked before allowing the email to be sent.
More information on limits.
Subscription Categories If you have subscription categories configured, and the email belongs to a category that the customer has indicated they do not want to receive emails from, then they are filtered out.
Custom Email Filters Additional custom e-mail filters can be added in from the EMAIL FILTERS section within the SETTINGS page.
e.g. you may want to filter out customers from a specific e-mail domain, in which case you would add a 'customer property' filter and enter a regular expression to match that domain.

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