Data Sources

Data Sources provide a way to add additional data to on site campaigns, emails or enrich the presentation of data in the data planning.

Access your data sources from the settings page.

Supported Data Source types

Type Description
CSV Data Source A CSV data source allows you to upload a set of data that is associated with a key. The data is stored against a key, any number of columns (properties) can be stored against the key
Query Data Source This data source is generated of information generated by your visitors & customers. The data is generated using a data query to product a key/values data source. Please contact your account manager for further details
Geo Data Sources Allow you to layer geo data for lookup against visitor location or address details
Recommendations A data source that can determine highly relevant recommendations based on customer behaviour using machine learning and real time determination of what products (or content or 'things' that are measured) are most relevant now. This requires some configuration and setup for use, so please speak to your account manager.
Data Feeds and API Lookups Intilery can pull in data from your systems if they are provided as either a data feed or API call. This requires additional integration and development so please speak to your account manager.
Custom  The ability to pull out data from the modelled graph as needed to get relevant historic events from that customers interactions

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