Programme Modules

Many steps allow you to run a JavaScript function on the programme data, and allow you to pull in additional data from another module or API call.

Modules can be created to pull in data from your API's or from parts of the Intilery system.

The relevant part of any step which allows you to leverage module data will look like this:

Note: 'Event Function' may be named something different depending on the step you are using. See our guides on  Programme Steps.

Functions that process data take the programme data as their first argument and then any module data as their second argument.

The Module Data Class can either be part of the Intilery system e.g. Customer, or a custom datasource set up according to your requirements.

Customer Modules

Using 'Customer' as the Module Data Class (as shown in the image above) will make the Customer data available to you. The customer data will contain all the properties defined in the customer model as well as a list of the segments that a customer is in in the  __segments key.

Special Modules

Special modules can be created for your unique requirements, please contact your account manager for further details.

Special modules are referenced by typing the following into the Module Data Class box:

CustomDataSource::[NAME OF DATA SOURCE]

This will make the data from your chosen data source available use in your javascript function for processing.

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