Programme Step - Continue

This steps executes a function to determine whether to continue eith the programme

Continue Function Template

This function needs to return True, False or nothing a all.

If this function returns true , the programme will continue. Otherwise it will halt.

The function should accept 2 parameters, first parameter is the programme data, second is data returned from the requested module. You can read more about  Data Modules here

Example function

function(data, customer) {
    return customer.age >= 18;

The javascript function can be parametrised to allow for easy maintenance. Parameters can be added to the javascript function in the format


Complete function would look like this

function(data, customer) {
    return customer.age >= {{age}};

Parameters in the function code will appear as form elements within the module configuration, as shown in the screenshot above

Module Data Class

A module that returns a data map for use within the function, e.g. "Customer" module, which returns data about the current customer. For more detail on Module Data, see Programme Modules.

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