Programme Step - Send Email

This step is used to send an email to the customer running through the programme.

You simply need to select the email campaign you wish to send from the searchable drop down. 

There are also checkboxes to allow you to override the send to, and set a time after which the email won't be sent should there be any issues delaying a send.

Override Send To allows a user to send an email to a specific, set email address, rather than to the customer in the programme. This can be used to notify someone in your business that a specific step has been reached.

This should be used with caution as if an override is left in place when doing a bulk send, the specified email address could end up with millions of emails!

Advanced Uses

You can also override the campaign (and its variation) that is actually sent with a modify data step.

This would likely be used if you needed to do a conditional check within the  modify data step, if there were no other reasons to simply create a new programme and use a continue step instead.

This is achievable by inserting a modify data step that returns an  __CAMPAIGN map. An example is below.

function(d) {
    return {
        __CAMPAIGN: {
            ID: "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx",
            VARIATION: "default",
            TTL: "2018-10-07T20:00:00Z"

ID, VARIATION and TTL are all optional, and if unset, then the send step will fall back to the selection chosen in that step.

TTL is used to set a time to live on a campaign, and can either be a number of seconds for the email to live on a queue before being expired, or an absolute date time in ISO.

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