Programme Step - Push Message

Push notifications are used to communicate with app users on their device. They can be used to notify a user that a certain action has been completed such as "Upload complete".

Please note that you must have integrated your app with the Intilery platform to complete this step.

In order to insert this step into your program, visit the messaging section of the drag and drop, and drag the "Push" step into your program.

Once you have dragged this in, you should see a screen like below:

Here you can choose what type of applications you want to be targeted for the message, whether you want the apple notification tone to be activated, and then the message to go with the push.

If you would like to be able to write this out in JSON you have the ability by toggling the "Use Advanced JSON Input" button. This allows the screen below to appear as part of the step:

This will also give you the option to see the JSON templates for both Apple & Android in order to create it correctly. 

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