Programme Status

There are several statuses for programmes within the Intilery platform to enable safe testing of programmes.

It is important that you fully understand these statuses when using programmes as incorrect usage can result in recipients receiving unwanted e-mails.

Status Description

Inactive Anybody in the programme will be ejected and the programme will stop.
Development The programme will only run for a set whitelist of people whilst in development.
Active The programme will run for everybody who meet the trigger criteria.
Closed Anybody already in the programme will continue, but nobody new will be added to this programme.

The status of a programme is displayed in the UI as shown below

Clicking on one of the programme states will NOT update the programme until you "Save" the programme.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any customers who are already running through the programme will not be removed from the programme, regardless of status. If customers have entered in to a programme that you do not wish to run (e.g. a broken email send to all customers for example) you can instead remove the unwanted step from the programme, as step changes apply regardless of status. (this could be an Email Step or some other step which makes a modification.)

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