Accessing the logger from a programme

To help with testing of steps, a logger is injected into the code execution. Messages sent to the logger are displayed in the programme builder when testing.

Methods available to the logger: - s); s, Object arg1); s, Object arg1, Object arg2); s, Object...args);
logger.warn(String s);
logger.warn(String s, Object arg1);
logger.warn(String s, Object arg1, Object arg2);
logger.warn(String s, Object...args);
logger.error(String s);
logger.error(String s, Object arg1);
logger.error(String s, Object arg1, Object arg2);
logger.error(String s, Object...args);
logger.debug(String s);
logger.debug(String s, Object arg1);
logger.debug(String s, Object arg1, Object arg2);
logger.debug(String s, Object...args);

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