Email Passthrough for Unlimited Testing

Using Email Passthrough Rules for Unlimited Testing 

Sending Limits can be incredibly useful when sending campaigns to customers. However, testing emails is just as Important. Email Passthrough rules can be set up to essentially "whitelist" an email address so that unlimited amounts of emails can be sent to that address. 

Typically Sending Limits can be set in two places. Account settings and campaign specific. Using Email Passthrough overrides both of these settings. 

Firstly, navigate to Settings

Click Campaigns and select Email Filters:

Click "Edit" on Email Passthrough. There is Information here on what Email Passthrough does. 

In the above example there is currently one user with an Email Passthrough rule. This user can send as many tests emails as is necessary. To add another user click "Add Matcher".

Users who regularly configure and test campaigns can be freely added to this list to bypass all sending limits. 

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