Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting and drilling into the data

Campaign reporting

Go to the campaign page through the tab on the left. 
Find the Campaign you wish to drill into and select "View Report" from the "Options" dropdown. 

This will take you to a report summary page, these are standard reports. This page is a hub for the reporting of that specific campaign.
You can add customised reports to this page from drilling into the data.

From the homepage

 Find a Report on your dashboard and select the 3 dots on the right side of that report. You should then see a drop down with "Explore from here", select this and you will be taken to the standard reporting page.

Standard Reporting page
You can view the current version of the email, view the details of that sent campaign, Heatmap of activity and filter to suite the needs of your report. You can also add customised reports onto this page from drilling into the data. 
You have 3 available filters on this page, CampaignID, Date Range and the AccountID

There is also a Settings cog on the right of the page. This will open a dropdown with the following options:

  • Download as PDF - This will allow the user to download all of the Standard report data in a PDF file or in a Browser. (also have the option of a single column layout)
  • Download as a CSV's - This will give you all of the data for all of the Standard reports in a CSV file's. 
  • Send - This will allow you to send the Standard reports data directly to a person. Also, this allows you to change the format of the data sending, filter it and include a customer message is required
  • Schedule - This feature allows you to schedule a regular standard reports to be sent on a schedule of your choosing to whoever you wish.

    Note: For efficiency and speed, it's better to download the Individual report. This can be done hovering over the data required to download and selecting "Download data...". This is where you can drill into specific reports too. This will be done through "Explore From Here".  See Screenshot below 

    Below is a Screenshot of a test campaigns standard report with the area's above mentioned

"Explore from here" 

The Explore from here function allow the user to dive deeper into the data selected whilst creating your own parameters through pivoting and filtering data. This page will also help you be more specific with the data you want to extract. Once this has been selected you will be taken to a page as like below.

This will be a similar page that you will land on. The header on this page will be the same functionality as the page mentioned above.  This main body of this Reporting page can be split into 3 dropdown features: 

  • Filters
  • Visualization 
  • Date

    "Filters" will give you the control to select the data you wish to have in your reporting. These filters are easily changed to suit the needs of your report. In the screenshot Below, there has been filters put onto this report that can be changed on the left side of the page. Once you have completed the amendments you want from the filtering, remember to hit "Run". This will return your Filtered data

"Visualization" will give you a nice visual representation of the data returned from your filters. There are many options of different styles of graphs, charts and maps that you can select to fit the correct way to show your report to others. This can be done by selected the preferred visual from the "Visualization" dropdown bar. The ability to change the style of the makes it easy to keep aligned with the companies colours. 

"Data" is the raw data returned from the DB created using the queries you create through filters and pivots. When selecting pivots(left side of the page), this is is where they will be shown. Pivots can only be done to "Dimensions" data. Once you have selected the pivots you want, they will return as blank rows in the Data dropdown. You will need to hit "Run" in the top right to allow the database to sort and return what you requested. 

Extracting data
Once you have the data returned and pivoted as you want, you will want to extract this. This can be done in the top right of the page, the Cog next to "Run". This will give you a drop down of options. The Second section of options "Download...","Send..." and "Save & Schedule..." is how to extract the data you have just returned. 

Download - A pop up will appear once selected, this gives the user options of File format, display options, formatted values, customised limits as well as the option to open in a browser. 

Send - This will allow you to send the Standard reports data directly to a person. Also, this allows you to change the format of the data sending, filter it and include a customer message is required (As mentioned above)

Save & Schedule - With your new report look, you can now save this to save time in the future. Once you have named/saved your report, you will be taken to a new pop up allowing you to schedule regular reporting to be sent on a time scale of your choosing to whoever you wish. 

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