Removing a customer from a customer list

Access the Customer section by clicking on the Customers icon in the left hand menu

(Note this process removes the customer from the customer list, customers are not removed from the system)

Click on the 'Customer Lists' tab in the centre section of the screen.

Select the relevant Customers List from the 'List' drop down menu

From here you have 2 options:

Option 1: 'Remove all customers' e-mail addresses from your list

Option 2: 'Delete' one or more customers e-mail addresses from your list

Option 1. 'Remove all customers' from the selected list; in which case click the 'Delete' button on the pop up menu

Option 2. 'Delete' one or more e-mail addresses (clicking once on any of the e-mail addresses will highlight them with a blue background to show that they have been selected).

Then click the 'Delete' button to the right hand side of the Customer 'Email Address' table once you have made your selection

You should then find that any selected e-mail addresses have now been removed: 

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