Send Email via API

We provide APIs that allow you to directly trigger Emails with a simple REST call...

Each endpoint is accessed over HTTPS using HTTP BASIC AUTHENTICATION (username/password).

Endpoints are available for sending events on<endpoint>.

All data is sent via a POST and should pass a JSON document in the post data, along with the Content Type header to indicate that it is  application/json.

When using a web application to send a POST you must be authenticated within your Intilery App.

You can send an email campaign to a customer using the  campaign ID and customers email address, passing in a JSON object for merge tags to be used in the email. This method of sending an email does not require a programme to be set up.

  • URL:<campaign>/<email-address>
  • Method: POST
  • Parameters:
    • campaign - campaign identification number
    • email-address - email address of the recipient
  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Body: JSON object for email merge tags

Object example:

{   "First Name":"Tom",   "Order":[     {"Name":"Fish","Value":2.35},     {"Name":"Chips","Value":1.20}   ] }

Curl Example:

curl -v -X POST --header "Content-Type:application/json" --user "username:password"<campaignID>/<email address> -d '{}'

Getting the campaign ID

  1. Find the campaign you wish to send from the campaign screen.
  2. Select the "Options" dropdown
  3. Right click the "Preview Email" and open in new tab
  4. Within the URL between "campaign" and "email-template" will be the ID. e.g.<campaignID>/email-template/preview

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