SMS Opt Out

SMS Opt Out

SMS campaigns sent from the Initlery platform can allow the recipient to reply to the SMS message. See the following for more information:


In order to enable replies for an SMS campaign, you must have the following configured

Opt Out Message

This opt out message is what is displayed to the user, this is globally applied to each campaign but you can type your own in the campaign body if you wish to do so. This setting is defined in the `Settings` page on the Intilery interface as seen below:

Opt Out Terms

These opt out terms are what will be used to determine the action(s) performance against the customer when a reply is processed by the Intilery platform. These opt out terms are globally applied and you can add as many or as few as required. The terms are delimited by a comma (,). See Below:

Reply Service

In order to a campaign to allow replies, the reply service must be enabled for the respective campaign. This is simple to do and requires you to click the toggle as seen below. 

Once this is enabled the opt out message will be applied automatically to the SMS campaign body.

Enabling this service will override the sender name for the campaign and recipients will receive the SMS from a +44 (UK) mobile number.

You can disable this service at any time for a campaign however, SMS campaigns which have already been sent with reply service enabled will still be able to reply. This change will only impact future sends for this campaign.

Processing Replies

When a recipient of your campaign replies to the SMS message (assuming reply service is enabled) the Intilery system will perform the following checks:

  • Check the SMS reply contained some message content
  • Check the Content of the message against the opt out terms
  • If the body contains one or more of the Opt Out terms then
    • Find the customer by the number the reply came from
    • Set the Customer.SMS Subscribed to false
  • If none of the Opt Out terms match then the Customer.SMS Subscribed property will remain unchanged.

SMS forms must be defined with the certain attributes, these attributes are detailed here

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