Dashboard Explore

Dashboard Explore  

This is a new dashboard feature that gives the user the power to explore their data down to a transactional level. 

This feature is designed to allow the user to chose which features of their data they are interested in (dimensions) and how they would like to quantify them (measures) and explore their data at a more granular level with more control.

To access the explore function;

  1. Click on the name of the metric that you would like to begin your exploration.
  2. A cog wheel will appear in the top right corner of the metric panel that you have selected.
  3. Click on the cog wheel and the "Explore from Here" function should become available in a dropdown list.
  4. Within the explore feature you can begin to explore your data.
    As shown, there are 4 main sections to the explore area.
    1. Dimension and Measures
      This section consists of both dimensions and measures.
      Dimensions are features of the current explore that you are able to build from or pivot.
      Measures are ways in which you are able to represent dimensions. This includes measures that are able to aggregate dimensions.
    2. Filters
      This section is updated by selecting filters in the dimensions and measures panel.
    3. Visualisations
      This section visualises the data in the format in which you choose based on the dimensions, measures and filters that you select.
      The format of the visualisation can be selected in the visualisation panel highlighted below.
      There are also visualisation options within the edit panel to tweak the visualisation to suit your need
    4. Data
      This sections shows the data behind the visualisation in a tabular format.
      There is also a table panel that enable you to further customise the data table to better suit your requirements
  5. Once you have selected the dimensions, measures, filters, visualisation and data table options, you can click the run button in the top right hand corner in order to refresh the data based on the options you have chosen to refresh the data with the latest cached data.
    If you require more up to date data, there are more running options that are selected from the dropdown after clicking the cogwheel next to the run button.
  6. To exit an explore mode, simply click on a dashboard tab to return to the selected dashboard. 

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