Dashboard Drills

Access Drills

The new dashboards have been equipped with a new feature called “Drills”. This feature enables you to quickly drill deeper into your data and gain a better understanding into the metric of your choice. This feature will further drill into a particular aspect of that metric depending on the  Data 4 metric.asx      


To access drills;

  1. Click on the metric of your choice;              
    One of three things will happen;
    1. A drill may not be available and this will be shown with the following message:     

    2. A list of available drills will appear
    3. Or you will be taken directly to the only available drill
  2. If a list of drills is available, select the drill of your choice.
  3. The results of the drill will then be displayed in a pop-up. These results will reflect the metric selected with regards to the drill selected.

    As highlighted in the image above, there are 3 options within the drill window.
    1. Visualisation -  This is the default option in which you are able to view the drill in a visual format that best suits the data
    2. Table - This option allows you to see the raw table that is behind the visualisation
    3. Explore from Here - This is a new feature within the dashboard that enables you to further explore the data at a transactional level. Exploring from this point will allow you to explore the drilled data. From here, you will also be able to deconstruct the visualisation and restructure the data in whichever way you want.
  • The new feature is also powerful enough to drill into the data from the drill window, thus enabling you to drill into the drill and dig deeper into your data.
  • To exit the drill, simply click on the "X" in the top right-hand corner of the pop-up to return to the dashboard

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