Intilery provides an API for sending customer initiated events, page views and updates to customer and modelled entity data.

Each endpoint is accessed over HTTPS using HTTP BASIC AUTHENTICATION (username/password).

Endpoints are available for sending events on<endpoint>.

(Your endpoint maybe located at a different domain, to check this inspect the domain that the intilery tag is downloaded form for your site)

All data is sent via a POST and should pass a JSON document in the post data, along with the Content Type header to indicate that it is application/json.

Basic Example with curl

Post JSON document to the API using curl as in:

    "Visit": {
    "EventAction": "Register Account",
    "EventName"  : "Main Register",
    "EventData": {
        "Customer.First Name": "Tom",
        "Customer.Email": "",
        "Customer.Subscribed": "True"

If the API is overloaded, it will start to return a 503 retry status applying back pressure, where your system should pause sending and retry in the time given. 

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