Track Event

This method is used to enable tracking of events for different reports. This may be used to track views of individual site campaigns or banners by including it as part of the site module rendering for a banner.


_itq.push(["_trackEvent", <eventAction>, <eventCategory>, <opt_label>, <opt_value>])
  • eventAction (required)
    • A string that defines the type of action being carried out. Can be used for triggering programmes.
  • eventCategory (required)
    • The name you supply for the group of objects you want to track
  • label (optional)
    • An optional string to provide additional dimension to the event data
  • value (optional)
    • An optional integer that you can use to provide numerical data about the user event

Example (Single Event):

<code>_itq.push(['_trackEvent', 'banner', 'view', 'promotion name']);

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