Discount Codes


The discount codes screen allows you to manage the discount codes on your account. From here you can create and edit lists of discount codes, as well as assigning them to customers. Discount codes in these lists can also be assigned to customers as part of a programme step, detailed here

Adding Lists

Before adding discount codes, you must create a list to add them to. Add a discount code list by typing the list name into the input box and then pressing the "Add List" button, shown below.

Figure 1: Input box for adding discount code lists

Once you have added a list it will appear below the input box, along with any other existing lists e.g.

Figure 2: List of existing discount code lists

List Details

Clicking on a list name in the list shown in Figure 2 will open a view detailing the contents of that list (Figure 3).

Figure 3: List detail view.

Deleting a List: The name of the selected list is shown at the top left of the detailed view. Delete the list by clicking the "Delete List" button to the right of the list name. NOTE: Deleting a list will delete the list and all the discount codes it contains.

Viewing Discount Codes: Browse the discount codes in the selected list using the page controls at the bottom of the list, or filter by the code id or the email the code is assigned to using the filter controls at the top. To view only assigned or unassigned codes or both, use the dropdown in the top right. Download all the codes in this list by clicking the "Download Codes" button. This will download a CSV containing two columns: "DiscountCode" and "Email".

Adding Discount Codes: There are two ways to add discount codes to a list.

  1. Add a new discount code by typing the code into the input box below the page controls and then clicking the "Add Code" button. The new code will appear immediately in the list. 
  2. Upload a CSV file to the list by clicking the "Upload Codes" button. This button will open a wizard which will guide you through the steps of uploading the file. The CSV file should contain two columns: "DiscountCode" (the discount code) and  "Email" (the email of the customer the code is assigned to, or blank if not assigned). NOTE: The codes uploaded from the CSV will not appear immediately in the list. Refresh the page to see them in the list.

Deleting Discount Codes: Delete discount codes by clicking the "Delete Code" button on the row containing the code you wish to delete.

Assigning Codes: Assign codes or change who a code is assigned to using the controls within each code's row.

Figure 4: Controls on discount code rows
  1. Shows a row containing a discount code assigned to "". Click the "Edit" button on a code that is already assigned to edit it. 
  2. Shows a row where the assigned email address is being edited. Change the email address using the input box and then click "Save" to reassign the code (or leave blank to unassign)
  3. Shows a row with an unassigned discount code. Click the "Assign" button to open the input box and "Save" button (as shown in 2) in order to assign the code to a customer.

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