Example Property - Average Booking Value

The following setup shows the configuration for setting the average booking value

The property will divide the sum of all booking values by the number of bookings to give an average (mean)

Each setting is explained after the image


Setting Value Details
Name Average Booking Value The unique name for this property
Time Sensitive False This property is not time sensitive
Property Type Fact Property The value of the property is taken from the event and not transformed
Event make booking The value of the property is set when the "make booking" event occurs for the customer
Event Type False This property is not restricted to certain event types
Event Property Booking.Price The value of the property is set to the result of the function, which is called with the value of the Price filed from the Booking event
Comparator False This property does not compare the value of the event before setting
Function Average This function produces an average of the values passed in
Session Property False This is not a session property

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