Example Property - Nearest Store

The following setup shows the configuration for setting the nearest store based on the location of the customers IP address

Each setting is explained after the image


Setting Value Details
Name Nearest Store The unique name for this property
Time Sensitive False This property is not time sensitive
Property Type Geo Fact Property The value of the property is looked up from the PLACES database based on the lookup type and the place type
Geo Function Nearest The type of lookup to perform, Nearest finds the nearest place
Geo Type Store The type of place to lookup, the PLACES database can hold any number of place types
Event any interactive Any event that the customer carries out, i.e. not system events
Event Type False This property is not restricted to certain event types
Event Property System.longlat The Longitude and Latitude of the IP address belonging to the customer
Comparator False This property does not compare the value of the event before setting
Function Geo Lookup The Geo Lookup function uses the values "Geo Function" and "Geo Type" to perform the lookup against the PLACES database
Session Property False This is not a session property

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