Example Property - Email Category Clicks (Multi-valued)

The following setup shows the configuration for counting the number of email clicks a customer does based on the category being encoded in the URL in the email

The property will increment the property value each time there is a click - the property will contain a map of categoryID/Integer representing the number of email clicks for each category

Each setting is explained after the image


Setting Value Details
Name Email Category Clicks The unique name for this property
Multi Valued True This property will store values as a key/value map, the number of clicks for each category
Multi Value Key system.emailClickURL The event and data to extract the multi value key from (the key will come from within the URL of the link in the email that the customer clicks)
Multi Value Regular Expression categoryID=(\d+) A Regular Expression to extract part of the data from the Multi Value Key - for the URL http://www.e.com/?categoryID=123 - we would extract "123"
Time Sensitive False This property is not time sensitive
Property Type Fact Property The value of the property is taken from the event and not transformed
Event Click Restricts setting this property to the "click" event
Event Type True This property is restricted to certain event types
Event Types Email Only set this property when an "Email" event occurs (and when the event is "Click")
Event Property numberLiteral.1 Pass the value "1" into the function (Increment) to count clicks
Comparator True We only want to set the property when the email link URL contains a certain string
Compare Property system.emailClickURL We compare the URL of the email link clicked
Compare Type Contains Check whether the Compare Property contains the string specified
Compare To categoryID The string to be compared
Function Increment Increment the current value by the value passed to the function (plus 1)
Session Property False This is not a session property

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